Sacha Baron Cohen Signs Deal With FX to Bring Back 'Da Ali G Show' on FXX


If you were waiting for the day that Sacha baron Coen would bring back Da Ali G Show, well your wait is now over. According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, the Borat star has signed a first-look deal with FX that would bring back his cult hit television show Da Ali G Show to FX’s new sister comedy network FXX.

Right now FX is trying expand it’s brand and so far it’s been pretty successful in making FXX the comedy hub of the FOX networks. Adding Da Ali G Show to the lineup will only help raise awareness about the still relatively new FXX channel as well as boost ratings with fans of the original Da Ali G Show flocking to it’s new home.

The deal with FX is for both new and old episodes of Da Ali G Show as FX would have the rights to air previously unaired episodes of the show as well as get first-look at new episodes that Cohen pens for a revived version of the show that will be called Ali G: Rezurection.

Fans of the show are rejoicing but so is FX as they’ve seemingly come out of nowhere to strike what could end up being a deal that furthers the brand of FXX and helps it pop with current viewers of the network as well as new ones coming for Ali G.

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