X-Men Days of Future Past: New Photos Show Off Magneto, Beast Duking It Out


We’re still drooling over the footage we got to see in the new X-Men Days of Future Past trailer that dropped last week but already we have new material to chew on ahead of the summer 2014 release of the film. Entertainment Weekly ran a few new photos from the film which feature two old school characters going at it.

The photos, which were published in Entertainment Weekly, show Magneto and Beast duking it out in the some sort of watery backdrop and while it’s not much, it’s just something more to get us excited for the film.




So far everything about the film looks fantastic, and even images that don’t tell us much about the movie are getting us more excited than we thought we’d be. From here on out, the excitement felt about X-Men Days of Future Past is just bonus excitement as we’ve tapped out the excitement meter a long time ago.

Will it be the best X-Men film in the franchise? That’s what the expectation is as the promising footage we’ve seen so far is teasing us with a clash of two different sets of X-Men. We fully expect more to be released about the film as we near the May 2014 release date but until then, we have plenty to chew on and get excited over.

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