Harrison Ford Pierces Jimmy Fallon's Ear on Late Night (Video)


Harrison Ford is currently making the talk show rounds to promote his latest film, Enders Game and it’s this occasion that brought him to New York and Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night on NBC. But while most guests just drop by to loosen up with Fallon and talk about their movie, Ford took things a few steps further and modified Fallon’s body.

It wasn’t anything crazy, just Ford coming onto Fallon’s show and piercing the host’s ear in a hilarious segment. The best part about the incident was that the piercing was real.

Check out the video here:

Fallon screams at one point during the piercing but before anything had actually been pierced. It looks like the late night hosts genuinely nervous and a little terrified of both getting his ear pierced on television and being at the mercy of Harrison Ford wielding a sharp, pointy object.

Things ended up alright though for both as Ford and Fallon sported matching feather eating when all was said and done. Fallon will be moving up to take over for Jay Leno when he leaves in February and we can probably expect more of these hilarious and crazy antics when that happens.

For Ford, he’ll probably carry around his piercing kit to come at any reporter who continues to hammer him about Star Wars Episode 7.

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