Saturday Night Live Review: Was Kerry Washington Funny?


Tonight marked the debut of first time host Kerry Washington who is best known for her role on Scandal or in the Quentin Tarantino film Django Unchained. A lot of eyes were drawn to the show for the performance of Eminem but the real treat was watching Washington dance her way through the show. 

It wasn’t the best show we’ve seen all season long but the sketches that hit managed to do so hard enough that it made up for the lesser qualities of the show. While some sketches missed, highlights of the show include a skit about the lack of black female cast members, which was a poignant response by Lorne Michaels to the criticism the show has endured over the past few weeks for it’s lack of diversity to some critics.

Washington was used in the sketch to play all of the black female characters which was a joke backed up by an on-screen apology that scrolled during the sketch stating that Washington would need to play all of the black female characters.

The cold open was again a knock out of the park, but it was followed up by a great sketch about the supposed waning support of black voters when it comes to Barack Obama and parodied the notion that all black voters follow Obama’s every move with blind loyalty.

Another hit was a sketch that saw the female cast members dominate as contestants of the Miss Universe contest. Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Vanessa Bayer, Noel Wells, Cecily Strong and Kerry Washington played representatives from lesser known countries who used abrasive and stereotypical behavior to try and win the pageant.

But while Washington was a decent host, that will be overshadowed by the fact that musical guest Eminem appeared to be lip-synching through his set. It likely won’t be a talker for long, but it was pretty clear that Eminem was lip-synching his hit song Berzerk which gives the impression he was mailing in what looked to be an intense set.

Overall, though while not all of the sketches hit the mark, the three mentioned sketches boosted the show immensely and saved it from dropping to the depths that Bruce Willis’ hosting job sunk to. Still, Washington’s first time hosting SNL was a blast to watch and the sketches that worked really held no punches and we hope to see more of both in the future.

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