Saturday Night Live, Kerry Washington: Opening Sketch Goofs on Lack of Black Female Cast Members


Tonight we get to see how well Scandal star Kerry Washington does following up the great hosting job last week by Edward Norton. But as with all episode of Saturday Night Live, things can’t get going until the cold open drags us in and so far this season the cold opens have been spot on.

Usually the cold opens are hit and miss but we haven’t yet run into a cold open that either was stale or went on too long. Every single one before tonight had with been funny enough to sustain a longer run time or short and punchy, so it’s safe to say the pressure was on.

One thing that was new about the opening sketch this week was we saw the night’s host Kerry Washington play a variety of black female characters which was both a new idea this season and a response to recent criticism of the show for not having any black female cast members.

The joke was that Kerry Washington had to play every black female character while the SNL producers apologized to her for the amount of characters she’d have to play as a result of there not being any black female cast characters. In the meantime, SNL brought out every white cast member playing Matthew McConaughey.

Things ended with the real Al Sharpton popping up to tell us we’ve learned nothing from the sketch and introducing the show. The whole cold open this week was again punchy, short and got a message across about the criticism that SNL has been taking recently and did so in a funny and honest way.

Hopefully, the rest of the show will go as well.

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