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Star Trek 3 Close to Hiring Joe Cornish as New Director

We’ve been waiting for months to see who Paramount will be replacing J.J. Abrams with after the director bolted from the Star Trek franchise to revive the new era of Star Wars films for Disney. But while we’ve been hearing names, it seems the one we’ve been hearing most is the one Paramount seems to be the sweetest on and according to a report in Deadline, director Joe Cornish is that man for the job.

Cornish hasn’t officially been hired by Paramount to direct Star Trek 3 just yet but it sounds like it’s very close to becoming a done deal as the studio is “sweet” on Cornish.

Not many people are familiar with Cornish or his work but he comes from a group of comedic filmmakers that many moviegoers know. Cornish has cut his teeth hanging out with friends Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright, even directing a documentary detailing the groups travels across America promoting Hot Fuzz.

Cornish’s big breakthrough was Attack The Block, a sic-fi film about a group of young boys fights off an alien invasion in South London.

But taking on Star Trek 3 will be the most high profile project that Cornish has been given. But Paramount isn’t making a snap decision on this one and while it’s not yet official, this isn’t the first time Cornish has been identified as a frontrunner and it’s only a matter of time until he’s hired for the job.

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