Eminem Saturday Night Live: Who Was The Bearded DJ During Berzerk?


Tonight saw the first appearance in a while for Detroit rapper Eminem on Saturday Night Live and his sets were filled with as much controversy as they were intense musical awesomeness. While Eminem performed his two top singles off of The Marshall Mathers LP 2, the talk of the night is being dominated by his apparent lip-syncing during his performance of Berzerk.

But while everyone is talking about the lip-syncing incident, one thing a lot of people are wondering is who the bearded DJ was who introduced the song and worked the turntable during the set.

Older viewers were having flashbacks to ZZ Top, but music savvy watchers recognized the bearded DJ as producing savant Rick Rubin who has as much money and hit records as he does hair on his face.

Rubin produced Eminem’s latest album, and has an incredible track history when it comes to classic albums over the last 30 years. Rubin has the very unique and awesome distinction of being respected as a top producer across genres, having mixed hit albums from a wide range of artists like Jay-Z, The Dixie Chicks, Metallica, Johnny Cash, Kanye West and Black Sabbath.

To say Rubin’s catalog of work is eclectic is truly understating it.

So if you’re wondering who the bearded DJ rocking the winter coat and sunglasses was, the man at the end of the mystery is Rubin who likely isn’t done producing hit albums and proving that everything he touches — even lip-synced performances on SNL — turns to gold.


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