Saturday Night Live: What Songs Did Eminem Perform and Did He Lip-Sync?


Tonight saw the first time ever that Kerry Washington, star of Scandal, host Saturday Night Live but while we all wanted to see how she did, most eyes were likely on SNL tonight to see rap star Eminem perform his two sets featuring music off his new album The Marshall Mather LP 2.

Of course, the Detroit rapper kicked off his first of two sets with his single Berzerk, which has been heard on an almost endless loop if you watch college football or watch television in general. The song serves as the intro music for college football on ABC’s game of the week each Saturday night and has been heard in countless commercials.

But there was some controversy as it seemed like Eminem was lip-syncing the song, something that is generally a no-no for artists.

The controversy likely won’t last very long but it’s something that is going to spark debate until people find themselves too busy to argue since they’re listening to the rapper’s new album.

Rick Rubin made an appearance as well in Eminem’s first set, helping DJ and mix the so-called live version of Berzerk. The famous producer showed up in a thick winter jacket and sunglasses, while sporting his signature burly beard and still managed to make the set feel more hip.

Eminem came out a second time to perform his second single off of his new album called Survival, which saw more people looking to see if they could catch the rapper lip-syncing through the set.

But at the end of the day, it’s not a question of whether he lip-synced or not as the real question is after the two lights out sets he performed, do we really care?

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