Saturday Night Live, Kerry Washington: Weekend Update Recap and Review


Tonight marked the debut hosting job by Scandal star Kerry Washington and while we all wanted to see how she did, the segment of the show no one wants to miss remains the Weekend Update which now has two hosts rather than just Seth Meyers. But despite being in just her fourth show as co-host, Cecily Strong continues to hold her own and compliment Meyers at the Update desk.

Of course, Strong will be taking over in February when Meyers leaves the desk to replace Jimmy Fallon who will be moving up in the late night lineup to take over for Jay Leno.

Shots were taken first at the President’s healthcare website problems and hit on every topic from the bearded Boston Red Sox winning the World Series and

As far as guests on the Weekend Update went this week, Kate McKinnon dropped by in character as German Chancellor Angela Merkel who commented on the reports that the NSA tapped her phones and listened in on her conversations. Merkel stated that the NSA tapped her phones at the worst time as she was in “dark period” where she was calling people with her relationship problems and other inappropriate matters.

The highlight though was Jay Pharaoh and Keenan Thompson dropping by to play Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley. Pharaoh rambled as Shaq about how he purchased part of the Sacramento Kings this summer and Thompson berated him as Barkley for being stupid and talking goofy.

Overall the Weekend Update was again one of the highlights of the show and whenever we see Pharaoh and Thompson team up, you know you just had a good time.

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