Star Wars Episode 7 Casting Rumors: Chiwetel Ejiofor Being Eyed For Lead Role?


A month ago we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the latest casting rumors for Star Wars Episode 7 but these days we’re nervous about any news that comes out of Disney or Lucasfilm. This is because the last batch of news to have come out has been painfully bad, from script changes to production issues and even a plea to delay the release of the movie.

But today brings us back to the god old days of a month ago when people seen looking at a J.J. Abrams movie poster were instantly being reported as frontrunners for a part in the film. The latest name to be thrust into the rumor mill is 12 Years a Slave star and Oscar hopeful Chiwetel Ejiofor.

According to journalist Rhys Blakely who was hanging around the Bad Robot offices recently to interview J.J. Abrams, he noticed that Ejiofor was there and he along with just about everyone else has jumped to the conclusion that he’s in talks for Star Wars Episode 7.

To further matters along, Blakley reports that when he asked Abrams about the rumor, the director was tight lipped but complimented Ejiofor as an actor.

As with all Star Wars Episode 7 rumors that don’t come directly from someone connected to the film, this needs to be taken with a fistful of salt. But if Ejiofor is cast in the film he could join fellow Briton Benedict Cumberbatch on their way to forming the most solid Star Wars cast we’ve ever seen.

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