Fox Fails to Run Marcia Wallace Tribute Episode 'Bart The Lover', Cites Technical Issues for Last Second Change


All week long, since the tragic and untimely death of long time The Simpsons voice actress Marcia Wallace, we were told that Fox would be honoring the star by airing the classic episode of The Simpsons titled Bart The Lover. Instead, in the time slot advertised as being the one in which we’d see the episode, a different one was shown — one far less fitting.

Needless to say, fans of The Simpsons were not happy but could hardly be surprised about the blunder given how much the franchise wants to forget about it’s roots to cram the newer episodes down our throats.

The producers of the show claim that technical issues were the problem here, but that seems to suggest none of them could find a copy of the millions of DVDs floating around with the episode on it.

It was a missed opportunity for The Simpsons to break out of the shell of the show it’s become to honor someone who put years of service into the show. Instead, the show force fed us a cruddy newer episode that just reminded us how painfully pathetic the show has become over the years.

The Simpsons still plan on honoring Marcia Wallace with a note at the end of the all new episode airing at 8pm ET.

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