Thor 2 Opens at No. 1 at Worldwide Box Office With $109.4M First Weekend


We still have a week until Marvel’s release of Thor 2, better known but it’s title Thor: The Dark World, hits theaters but already the film is smashing it’s way to the top of the international box office — something that’s a good omen for it’s release on November 8th in America.

Already through it’s first official weekend of release, Thor 2 has raked in over $100 million and it on pace to tear through it’s competition this month. In addition to being poised for an epic two week open, Thor 2 has helped Disney bolt past the $2.3 billion mark in foreign grosses for 2013, something the studio can brag about given the notable failure of The Lone Ranger.

It’s not that shocking to see Thor 2 race out to an amazing opening weekend overseas but crossing the $100 million mark is something not a lot of people expected. The hope now is that the film can replicate that opening when it hits theaters in North America on Thursday at midnight.

Should that happen, the film will cross the $200 million mark worldwide in just it’s second week of release and that’s not counting the money it will rake in over the course of this weekend and upcoming weekend in the markets it has already opened in.

While not totally shocking, the most impressive part of the opening for Thor 2 was the fact that the movie didn’t open in North America and the $109.1 million figure doesn’t include  China, Japan, Italy or Argentina which sets the film up for an even bigger total draw.

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