Once Upon A Time: Best Moments From "Ariel"

Once Upon A Time: Best Moments From “Ariel”


This week’s episode of Once Upon a Time is titled “Ariel” and it’s no mystery why: we’re finally getting a “The Little Mermaid” story line!!!

4 – Classic OUAT storyline twist – Ariel can turn herself into a human whenever she wants! Well, almost. All merpeople (merpersons? merfolk?) can have legs once a year at the highest tide and it lasts until the next high tide. This is a gift from the ancient Sea Goddess Ursala who may or may not be just a myth. Ariel’s going to use her small window of opportunity to woo Eric, the handsome prince she rescued from drowning.

3 – Salad trident – Snow is guiding Ariel through the intricacies of a royal ball. Corsets are supposed to be tight, Snow tells Ariel. A salad fork is neither a mini trident nor a dinglehopper. Ariel soaks it all in with glee and she steals a fork. Her petty vandalism pays off later. (But don’t get any ideas, kids!)

2 -Reginala – Ariel seeks advice from Ursala but Regina appears instead and hams it up in her best Ursala impersonation. Two witches in one! Wicked good deal.

1 – Hoes before Bros – Ariel has the opportunity to choose her love-at-first-sight Eric over her newest BFF Snow White. But she doesn’t take it and she rescues Snow

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