Watch Eminem Perform 'Survival' on Saturday Night Live (Video)


Eminem dropped by Rockefeller Center on Saturday to perform two sets in support of his new album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 and managed to do what he does best — cause controversy and amaze audiences with his lyrical skill and stage presence. The first song he performed on the night was the single Berzerk off of his new album and that’s the song that caused all the controversy.

The second song though was that song you’ve been hearing in most of those Call of Duty commercials, as Eminem performed Survival.

Here’s the replay of that performance of Survival from SNL:

The Detroit rapper managed to stir up controversy in his first set when he appeared to be lip-syncing Berzerk. Fans seem to be split on whether they care or not but this was no Ashlee Simpson incident. Despite lip-syncing, Eminem killed in both of his sets and managed to fool a lot of people that had to be told he was lip-syncing.

Where his performance ranks among the ones we’ve seen this season will be determined later, but so far he’s turned in not only the most high profile performance of the season but likely what will end up being the most talked about. Lip-sync or not, Eminem knows how to please crowds and that’s what he did on Saturday.

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