Megan Fox Stars in James Mangold Directed 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' Commercials (Video)


This Tuesday marks the release of the new Call of Duty video game and as is customary tradition with Call of Duty games, we are seeing the commercials rolled out with celebrities and live action intensity.

For the previous games, we’ve seen Guy Ritchie, director of such films as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and the new Sherlock Holmes movies. This time around though Ritchie has been replaced with Walk The Line director James Mangold who most recently directed the new Wolverine movie.

Mangold has turned his talents to directing the Call of Duty: Ghost commercial and has enlisted movie babe Megan Fox to lure in gamers.

This commercial differs a bit from what we’re used to as the Guy Ritchie TV spots for past games have been epic visual splashes of celebrities and high octane excitement.

Not to say that this isn’t any of those things, but it’s definitely toned down on the celebrity guest stars and centers more on the gamers in the commercial. This is actually a pretty brilliant way of selling the game in a low-key manner without losing the signature style of the commercial.

The game drops tomorrow and we can expect to see more of these commercials but they have everything for everyone — an epic game, a gorgeous woman and a talented director helming it all.

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