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Netflix Plans on Competing for Oscars with New Documentary, Future Projects


This past year saw an explosion when it came to online streamlining media as Netflix changed the game forever with its move to acquire and air the Emmy award winning series House of Cards. The move won Netflix it’s first ever Emmy and has given the streaming network grand dreams of winning an Oscar and invading the movie word the way it has to television.

According to Variety, Netflix has acquired the rights to premier the documentary The Square, which could very well be a move that wins Netflix it’s first ever Oscar or at the very least put the network in the running.

Per Variety: 

Weeks after picking up its first statuette for original series “House of Cards,” Netflix is set to join the awards hunt on the film front with its first documentary acquisition in several years: “The Square,” the Jehaine Noujaim documentary about the unrest in Egypt.

Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement about the acquisition but there is no doubt that the company is making a move to change not only the television game but the movie game as well. It’s harder to get recognition to a film that debuts on a streaming service and a film must be shown theatrically to be eligible for an Oscar, but Netflix is putting money into the film which could get it a producing credit and thusly an Oscar nomination.

It’s something to watch moving forward but once Netflix starts putting money into films that are released theatrically — which is pretty much an inevitability — they will begin to further dominate a medium they are starting to take over.

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