Vin Diesel, Gerard Butler Eyeing Lead Roles in 'Kane & Lynch' Movie Adaptation

Video games that get turned into movies often aren’t always the best, but that could be changing with news that two massive stars could be heading to the big screen in a massive adaptation. According to The Hollywood Reporter, stars Vin Diesel and Gerard Butler are being eyed for the lead roles in the big screen adaptation of Kane & Lynch.

THR reports that Butler is closer to signing on the film that Diesel is, as Nu Image/Millennium Films has a standing offer out to Diesel for the role of Lynch while Butler is in talks for the role of Kane.

F. Gary Gray is set to direct the picture which would reunite him with star Butler after the two filmed Law Abiding Citizen a few years ago.

Don’t get overly excited though as this isn’t the first time an adaptation of the video game has been brought up. The idea for the film has come and gone pretty consistently since 2007 when Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx were rumored for the lead roles. Since then, the project has floated around with Gray even being attached to the picture before this time around.

Right now though it sounds like the script is being reworked and re-written by Skip Woods and Kyle Ward which means if all the pieces fall in to place soon here, this adaptation is finally going to get off the ground.

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