Game of Thrones Season 4: Early Photo Leaks Crucial Information Episode 9?

We’re still months away from the season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones and while the show is going to come back soon, it just isn’t coming back soon enough. But while the wait continues for he show’s premiere on HBO, details and some potentially key footage has emerged from the ninth episode of the fourth season for Game of Thrones.

The footage really doesn’t spoil anything but it does get your imagination running, and the speculation flowing. Historically, as ScreenCrush points out, the ninth episode of a show’s season is usually the most intense or jaw-dropping episode and this particular piece of footage comes from season four’s ninth episode.

Episode director Neil Marshall, who many will recognize for his work on The Descent, posted a photo that was then tweeted out by Empire magazine. While it doesn’t show much, the fact that the tweet no linger exists might suggest that there’s a lot more behind the picture than we think.

All the photo consists of is a stunt crew playing Night’s Watch rangers and Wildlings gathered on The Wall. There’s no action in the photo, rather it seems to be a group picture. Still, this suggests that we may have something epic go down and really all this does is make us wish Game of Thrones was already back on the air.

That won’t be for a few months though, but we’ll be counting down the days and over-analyzing this interesting photo until then.

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