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Shaun of the Dead Star Bill Nighy Being Pursued for The Walking Dead Role

This season of The Walking Dead has already been packed with twists, turns and plenty of blood and guts — ad we’re just four episodes into the new season. But the excitement is happening off camera as well, with word that a big name an zombie fighting veteran could be joining the cast.

According to, series star Andrew Lincoln has come out and said that he’s trying to get actor Bill Nighy to appear on The Walking Dead, and it might be something that happens.

“I’m trying to get him on the show [Walking Dead] by the way guys,” Lincoln said, via, when talking at Walker Stalker Con this weekend about his past roles with Nighy. “Spoiler!”

Nighy may be best remembered by zombie fans for his role in the film Shaun of the Dead where he played Shaun’s stepfather who ultimately gets infected after being accepted by Shaun.

Despite being an actor with a history of roles in big films, Shaun of the Dead os one of Nighy’s most well-known roles and having him appear on The Walking Dead is something that will tickle zombie fans everywhere. Now, this is nothing more than Lincoln saying he’s trying to get Nighy on the show and there hasn’t been any talks behind-the-scenes beyond that to suggest Nighy will be joining the cast.

But Lincoln has some clout with the show, being it’s star and all, so the fact that he himself is pursuing Nighy is something to keep an eye on and hope for.

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