Sons of Anarchy Season 6, Episode 9 Live Stream: How to Watch Online


In last week’s episode, Tara’s plot to distance herself from the Sons of Anarchy — specifically Gemma and Jax — took it’s most wild turn when Jax barred his mother from ever seeing her grandchildren again. This came after Tara framed Gemma for an assault that led to her miscarrying her supposed child.

But as Gemma is trying to prove, Tara was n ever pregnant in the first place and instead has been playing Jax the whole season to help her plan along. Tara wants to be done with Gemma and Jax and she’s going to extreme lengths to sever the relationship.

But this week it seems things are going to start catching up with her and the question is will she meet an untimely and shocking end?

Here’s a quick synopsis of tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy:

Jax uncovers secrets that turn his world upside down.

So where can you catch Sons of Anarchy if you can’t see it tonight when it premiere on FX. We have all the information you need to either watch it live on FX or afterwords via iTunes or live stream.

Date: Tuesday, November 5th
Start Time: 10:00 p.m. ET
Episode Name: “John 8:32”
TV Info: FX
Live Stream: iTunes

Here’s a cool video preview of tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy to get you all caught up on what will go down:

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