12 Monkeys TV Remake Casts X-Men Star in Bruce Willis Role


A few months ago it was announced that SyFy Channel would be launching a television series remake of the classic Terry Gilliam film, 12 Monkeys. Today, we have word that the project is moving forward and has even cast it’s main role as an X-Men star has been asked to do the job.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Aaron Stanford has been cast as Cole — the character that Bruce Willis played in the film. The series also cast Suits star Amanda Schull as Cassandra Railly who is a doctor that must choose between keeping her life or going on the lamb with Cole as he travels time and tries to save the day.

While news that the series has cast a couple of respectable actors in the lead roles, the question of whether or not we need a 12 Monkeys TV series is still a valid one. Gilliam himself has come out and said the show isn’t necessary and the filmmaker isn’t at all involved in the process.

Still, as brilliant as Gilliam’s film version was, there is a lot of meat left on the bones when it comes to potential material with the story and the world that was created.

Hopefully the series catches on, but for now all the attention is being paid to the recently cast leads and the anticipation felt by all while we await the pilot episode to debut.

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