Batman vs. Superman Trailer: Conan Shows Off "Leaked" Ben Affleck Footage (Video)


Ever since it was announced back in July at Comic-Con in San Diego, fans have not been able to get enough information about the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. With filming set to fully pickup in early 2014, with some scenes even already being shot now, fans are hungry for their first look at Ben Affleck as Batman and last night we got exactly what we wanted.

Conan O’Brien showed off what he called a “leaked” trailer for Batman vs. Superman on his TBS late night show and its pretty much everything you’d expect out of a leaked trailer released by Conan.

The trailer isn’t really an official trailer, we’ll have to wait some time for one that contains actual footage of Batman and Superman, but that wasn’t stopping Conan from having some fun over the backlash stemming from Affleck being cast as the best Batman. In the trailer, Conan superimposes a Batman mask over Affleck’s face in two scenes from his role in the infamous Gigli.

The joke is that this is every Batman fans worst nightmare and likely one of their first thoughts when it was officially announced that Affleck had been cast as Christian Bale’s successor as Batman.

But while it serves as easy material for comedians and late night talk show hosts, the fact of the matter is Affleck might end up working out as Batman. But the point is nothing can be as bad as Gigli — nothing.

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