Low Winter Sun Star Blasts AMC Drama, Says It Wasn't a Good Show

When AMC was allowing Breaking Bad to sign off the air this summer, they thought that they’d use the opportunity to launch a show they thought could follow in its footsteps. That show was Low Winter Sun but after a so-so first season, one met with a universal “meh” from critics, the second season is in doubt and one of the stars is coming out against it.

James Ransone, who played a bill-fated Detroit crime family member, recently told The Wrap that he just didn’t think the show he was on was any good, despite the high hopes he had for Low Winter Sun.

“It wasn’t a good show,” Ransone said, via The Wrap. “I had higher expectations going in. They can’t all be winners.”

A lot of people had high hopes for Low Winter Sun and it really fumbled a golden opportunity to be something special. You don’t get a better lead-in than the final season of Breaking Bad, one of the most ocular and well respected shows on television, but Low Winter Sun managed to skate along without packing a punch. 

With Breaking Bad now off the air and not available to ear-in the viewers that Low Winter Sun got during it’s first season, it shouldn’t be a surprise that a second season is still up in the air. The show hasn’t officially been cancelled yet but it’s starting to look like the chances of it coming back in 2014 aren’t very good.

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