Marilyn Manson Cameos on Eastbound and Down Out of Character With No Makeup (Video)


You may not have heard any of his songs before but almost everyone knows who Marilyn Manson is and what he looks like. The shock rocker made waves in the 90s with his hardcore and against the grain heavy metal music but these days Manson has just been bumming around being weird.

After appearing on Talking Dead a week ago and making a fool of himself, Manson’s next television tour stop took him to the set of Eastbound and Down where he filmed a cameo. But unlike almost anytime we see the rocker, his cameo on Eastbound and Down was not only makeup free but out of character as well.

Manson has popped up in shows before, most recently on the hit Showtime series Californication. But whenever he pops up on a V show for a cameo, he usually does so as himself or a version of himself. But not on Eastbound and Down as he appeared as a waiter at a restaurant and like all things he does, it was interesting to see.

Manson will continue to add to his acting resume with a role on the new show Once Upon a Time in Wonderland again playing a character that isn’t the one he created for himself and his rock career.

Does this mean we can expect to see Marilyn Manson show up more and more as an actor and not as a musician? Only time will tell but the verdict is not yet in when it comes to how excited we would be about seeing more out of character Marilyn Manson in various television roles.

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