Ron Burgundy Says Movie Pirates are Smelly Pirate Hookers (Video)


The release of Anchorman 2 is just around the corner but if you’re going to see the film, the filmmakers and the studio want you to do so in a theater and not at home with a pirated version. In an effort to raise awareness against pirating movies, Will Ferrell has stepped into his Ron Burgundy character to warn against pirating movies in theaters and doing things on the cheap with smelly pirate hookers.

It’s no secret that movie theater piracy has been a problem for a very long time in Hollywood and this promo is both a way to try and stop it as well as promote a movie they want you to come see in the theaters.

The common argument against movie piracy is that it takes money out of the pockets of the “small people” on a crew. Johnny Depp isn’t going to starve if you pirate one of his movies, but the key grip might or the electrician could. No one will literally starve but the analogies to stealing from a store aren’t wrong.

The message here is hidden behind suggestiveness surrounding pirate hookers and your evening entertainment — wink, wink.

But the bottom line is Hollywood is still very serious about movies being pirated but it’s hard to not think that a promo of Ron Burgundy asking pirates to stop stealing movies isn’t going to just remind your local movie pirate that Anchorman 2 comes out this December and he needs to charge his camera battery.

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