Amazing Spider-Man 2 Stills Reveal More Electro and Firefighter Spider-Man (Photo)


This summer will the release of the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 which will follow up on all the action we saw back in the original film in 2012. It’s been almost two years now and mostly everyone who caught the first film can’t wait to see where Peter Parker and everyone ends up.

We haven’t yet seen a trailer or any official posters for the film, but today saw the release of three new stills for the movie that show off even more of what we’ll see when the movie hits theaters this May. We’ve already seen some set photos from the movie already and these stills have given us a closer look at Spider-Man, Electro and Peter Parker.




Jamie Foxx as Electro is something we’ve been following for a while now and it seems that each time we get new footage of him, whether it’s a leaked photo or a publicity photo, he seems to only look cooler. Maybe it’s because the blue jellyfish look is growing on us, but Foxx is looking better and better as the main villain.

Our question is what is the deal with Spider-Man and the firefighter get-up? We know Denis Leary is set to appear in the film again, but isn’t it still too early for a Rescue Me crossover?

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