New Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Trailer Released Online (Video)


We’re just 15 days away from the official premiere of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special called Day of the Doctor, and today we got our first look at the first official trailer for the episode.

Like most material we’ve seen so far, we don’t see much and we don’t get filled in on much other than we need to save the day — both a message to us and a clue as to what we can expect the doctors to do in the special. Here’s a look at the first official teaser trailer for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special titled Day of the Doctor.

Here’s a quick synopsis of what the episode will be about, as this is the most in-depth look we’ve gotten at the top secret episode from BBC:

The Doctors embark on their greatest adventure in this 50th anniversary special.  In 2013, something terrible is awakening in London’s National Gallery; in 1562, a murderous plot is afoot in Elizabethan England; and somewhere in space an ancient battle reaches its devastating conclusion. All of reality is at stake as the Doctor’s own dangerous past comes back to haunt him.

Needless to say, we’re super excited about this special and like all Who fans out there, 15 days cannot get here soon enough.

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