Saturday Night Live: No New Episode This Saturday; Miley Cyrus Re-Run to Air

This week if you’re looking for a new episode of Saturday Night Liveyou’re not going to find it. The SNL crew is taking the week off after back-to-back shows to rest up and prep for a pair of new shows starting next week with a big time appearance by pop star Lady Gaga.

But if you’re looking to see a pop star show up on Saturday Night Live then you’re still in luck as a re-run of the Miley Cyrus hosted episode is set to air instead.

While it wasn’t the best episode of the season so far, there’s some value to watching the Miley Cyrus episode if for nothing else the cold open where she openly mocks herself and we get our first look of the season at Vanessa Bayer’s impersonation of her. There’s also a few other redeeming skits and overall, it won’t be a wasted night if you stay in to watch it.

But the Lady Gaga episode will have to wait a week, as the singer will be dropping by as not only the host but as the musical guest as well. We can likely expect, as it usually is with all things Gaga, the show will be weird and memorable.

So when will Lady Gaga host SNL and where can fans catch the new episode of Saturday Night Live when it debuts? We have all the information you need to know right here:

Date: Saturday, November 16th
Start Time: 11:30pm ET
Host: Lady Gaga
Musical Guest: Lady Gaga
TV Info: NBC
Online Stream:

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