Batman vs. Superman: Zack Snyder Confirms Lex Luthor is In Man of Steel Sequel


Today’s Man of Steel  Q&A event was, for the most part, focused on the film that already exists and didn’t really dig into the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie that everyone wants to know about. But director Zack Snyder confirm a few details that we’ve been wondering about, including what villains we can expect to see.

Snyder confirmed to the audiences watching that Lex Luthor will indeed be in Batman vs. Superman, which is something we were expecting but something that hadn’t yet totally been confirmed.

It’s one of the worst kept secrets that is floating around the rumor mill at the moment and while it’s not the juiciest scoop we have, it’s still something that we all have been waiting to have confirmed. Snyder didn’t offer up much more about Lex Luthor or any of the other villains but he did confirm at least one.

The question everyone wants to know is who will play Luthor. With the hype of Breaking Bad dying down, Bryan Cranston is still pretty much the only name anyone will and does mention when asked the question of who Lex Luthor is. Again, this is probably the second worst kept secret of the Batman vs. Superman film, but like the Luthor news prior to the fan Q&A event, we’re just waiting for it to be confirmed officially.

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