David O. Russell Shows Off Six Minute Clip of American Hustle at AFI Fest


When fans packed in for a David O. Russell tribute at the AFI Fest last night, they were rewarded for their love towards the directors with a six minute look at American Hustle, the latest film from Russell and a major Oscar contender. Russell showed of the first six minutes of the movie which featured Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, but didn’t show off Jennifer Lawrence.

Here’s a quick overview of what happened in the six minute clip, via The Hollywood Reporter:

The audience chuckled at the first words in the clip: “Some of this actually happened,” and again when Bale, somewhat resembling Tom Cruise’s fat Les Grossman character in Tropic Thunder, laboriously and hilariously prepares a bald man’s elaborate comb-over, as America’s tune “Horse With No Name” plays on the soundtrack.

Then he joins brassy British-sounding con woman Adams, her braless breasts barely contained by an open shirt, and Cooper’s irritably high-strung Brooklyn Federal agent to sweet-talk a mayor (Jeremy Renner) into accepting an attached case stuffed with cash, to the tune of Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work.”

The clip actually promoted a classic David O. Russell emotional blowup as when the sound apparently was having a hard time working, the director briefly stormed out of the screening in anger, but quickly returned.

American Hustle opens in wide release on December 18th and looks to be near the top of Oscar contention when it is finally released.

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