Jurassic World: Has Josh Brolin Dropped Out of Cast?

We’re just weeks into the latest casting rumors for Jurassic World and already it looks like we may have our first drop out. According to Schmoes Knows, Josh Brolin may be out of the running when it comes to big stars trying to fill out the cast of the film.

Brolin technically was never cast, so he’s not dropping out in the traditional sense, but it’s sounding like he’s out of the running for the part of Owen, whether that’s because negotiations broke down, he got busy doing something else or the producers just weren’t feeling him as a contender.

But one thing to take away from this, as was pointed out by the guys over a Schmoes, is that it seems like Brolin is looking for a major franchise or major blockbuster film to latch onto. He was apparently the second choice to play the next Batman after Ben Affleck and Jurassic Park is a far cry from a Coen brothers film.

It also shouldn’t come as a surprise that Brolin wants in on a major blockbuster, seeing as he’s still crawling out of the crater left by the bomb otherwise known as Jonah Hex. Brolin likely wants to prove he can carry a major film or at least, be in one that doesn’t tank.

We’ll keep eyes and ears on this one for the latest scoop but it’s sounding like Brolin is out of Jurassic World for now.

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