Man of Steel Fan Event Offers No New Details About Batman vs. Superman

Fans waited all week long for today’s Batman vs. Superman Q&A which many thought would touch on the rumors going around at the moments about cast members that could join up and play superheroes we haven’t seen on the big screen yet. But aside from confirming the worst kept secret attached to the movie, nothing new at all was revealed by director Zack Snyder which has a lot of fans everywhere bummed about wasting their time watching what essentially was a Blu-Ray extra feature.

Director Zack Snyder did confirm a few details about Batman vs. Superman but he hardly broke any news by doing so. We did learn that Lex Luthor will be appearing in the Batman vs, Superman movie and we also learned that the two heroes will trade blows at some point in the film.

Both of these things though were details we already knew and wasn’t really the information we thought would be dropped on us this afternoon.

The artwork that was shown didn’t really relate at all to the film and was instead pieces of original artwork to be auctioned off for Zack Snyder’s charity. As we predicted earlier this week, when Kevin Smith said we would see art work, it was not really what we thought it would be.

But overall, the event did tell us a few things that we can chew on, even if it’s not necessarily fresh material. We know Batman and Superman will fight, we know that Lex Luthor will be in the film and we know that Batman vs. Superman likely won’t be the title of the film when it’s released.

So basically, if you missed the event, you really didn’t miss much on the Batman vs. Superman rumor front.

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