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Terminator 5: Tom Hardy Being Eyed for John Connor Role In New Reboot

Before we had reboots, we had sequels which then led to more reboots. Now we’re seeing the two concepts combined into reboots that are technically sequels and sequels that are technically reboots. Thus is the case with the new Terminator 5 film which is set to start filling out it’s cast rather shortly.

The film will travel back in time to recast the lead roles in the film with Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor and John Connor all being played by younger actors who can carry on the roles for years to come. When it comes to perhaps the main star of the franchise, well next to the Terminator, a familiar face may be filling massive shoes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Hardy is being eyed for the John Connor role.

It’s been a bust few years for Hardy since he broke through in Bronson which opened the door for him to play roles in Warrior, This Means War, Lawless and The Dark Knight Rises which was perhaps his largest role to date in both scope and literal size. He’s also been cast as Elton John in the upcoming biopic Rocketman which already seems as though it will garner Oscar praise.

He’s not shying away from the role as action badass, as in addition to being considered for the John Connor role, he’s already filming re-shoots on the new Mad Max film.

Adding Terminator 5 to his already impressive resume will only ensure that Hardy stays at the top of the A-list, a place he should have been a long time ago.

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