Jason Statham In Talks for Layer Cake 2


One of the coolest and most under-the-radar crime flicks to have come out over the past decade, was the adaptation of J.J. Connelly’s Layer Cake. The film, released back in 2005, starred Daniel Craig, Sienna Miller, had a supporting role from a very skinny Tom Hardy and was directed by Matthew Vaughn.

Now it sounds like we’re getting a sequel of sorts as author Connelly is turning his follow up book Viva La Madness into a script that he’s shopping around. The book follows the same nameless protagonist but according to Deadline, he will be played this time around by action star Jason Statham.

Right off the bat, the book’s very existence is sort of a spoiler as those who saw the movie will note that the final scene sees Daniel Craig’s nameless protagonist lying on some steps, bleeding out of his chest from a gunshot wound. The fact that Connelly has written a sequel with the same character implies almost certainly that he survives,  unless the whole thing is some warped dream he has before he dies on those steps.

But what cinephiles should take away from this is that Statham seems to be getting back into the British crime caper game, one that has seen him sitting on the sidelines of for far too long.Everyone knows him from the Crank and Transporter films but he got his early start in the brilliant Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels back in the late 90s.

It looks like he’s back in that game though and a follow up to Layer Cake is something we didn’t really think about but now can’t wait to see.

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