Patton, Saving Private Ryan and the 15 Most Patriotic Films to Honor War Veterans

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Every Veteran’s Day, we dig deep within our own history, back to even the Revolutionary War to celebrate everyone that has been a part of giving us our freedom and our independence.

Movies have long been a medium of honoring and telling these stories and over the years we’ve gotten numerous films that have reminded us of the sacrifice others have made for our ability to simply watch that film, and the films produced have made us truly think about everything that goes into the effort to keep us free. It’s not always a pretty picture and we’re not always on the right side of history, but film has given us a way to analyze ourselves and honor those who have served so we don’t have to and given us the freedom we often find ourselves taking for granted.

Some of these films aren’t patriotic in the conventional, rah-rah sense but nothing honors our freedom more so than the right to freely express the freedom our veterans have given us, and every single one of these films honors veterans in a very real way.

So in honor of Veteran’s Day, let’s take a look at the top 10 war films of all-time and look at why they’re so special to us on this special day.

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