Russell Crowe Ready to Start Making Superman Prequel Films Right Now?


This weekend, the Man of Steel fan event didn’t really offer up any new details about Batman vs. Superman, as director Zack Snyder acted like the film had never been announced. But one thing he did touch on that hadn’t really been discussed before was the idea of Superman prequel films starring Russell Crowe in the role or Jor-El.

Not that it was an official announcement or anything, but Snyder did come out of the blue to mention that Crowe has been hankering for a prequel to Man of Steel that takes place on the planet Krypton and focuses on Jor-El’s story before we meet and then part with him in last year’s reboot.

The topic came up when Kevin Smith, who moderated the event, geeked out over wanting to see Russell Crowe return as Jor-El and film more Krypton films. Director Zack Snyder then piped in that Crowe was all for doing prequel films and was ready to do them if asked.

The chances of this happening really depend on Warner Bros priority and right now that seems focused on creating a Justice League movie.

That doesn’t really look good for any Kyrpton prequels, but it doesn’t rule them out. If it becomes relevant to the over all storyline that Warner Bros is creating, then we can bank on Crowe returning but just because he wants to doesn’t mean Warner Bros. is going to bend over backwards to make it happen.

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