Star Wars Episode VII Accepting Online Auditions for Major Roles


This past weekend saw a open audition or Star Wars Episode VII in the U.K. but the event turned out to be much bigger than Disney or Lucasfilm had anticipated. As a result of the massive turnout for the auditions, the studio has turned to opine submissions to try allow all who showed up in Brisol this weekend a chance at the roles being offered.

On the surface, opening up online auditions just makes it ok like the production is even more desperate than we thought, but in reality it’s to try and cam the masses after a large amount of people were stiffed when it came to waiting for auditions to open up in Bristol this weekend.

According to BBC News, a number of people — many of whom had traveled a long distance to Bristol — were turned away after hours in the rain due to the day already being filled up with auditions booked by people who had arrived earlier in the day. The mess angered many people who showed up, prompting Lucasfilm to turn to online submissions to try and fit everyone in.

This however means that even people that didn’t show up will have a chance to audition for roles that Lucasfilm is offering to random fans willing to send in their tapes.

So if you really want to be in a Star Wars movie and see if you have what it takes. BBC News reports that Cast It Talent are accepting audition tapes on behalf of Disney and Lucasfilm.

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