Terminator 5 Closing In on 'Game of Thrones' Actress, Two Others for Sarah Connor Role


This weekend saw big news come out of the production of Terminator 5 which is starting to zero in on actors and actresses for the rebooted lead roles of Sarah Connor, John Connor and Kyle Reese. As we pointed out this weekend, The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy is being the John Connor role but when it comes to his mother Sarah, three actresses are currently being considered. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, actresses Emila Clarke, Brie Larson and Margot Robbie are all being eyed for the role and at this point it seems to be a neck-and-neck race for the part.

Clarke is best known for her breakout role on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones but she has yet to find a role outside of the show to put her above the title of a one-hit character. As for Larson, she’s currently searching for that role after years of eclectic work on both television and in movies.

Larson most recently starred in the Oscar dark horse Short Term 12 and has stretched her mainstream legs in films like Scott Pilgrim Against The World and 21 Jump Street.

As for Robbie, she’s a relatively unknown Australian actress who is just now starting to break into Hollywood films. her first big film will be the romantic film About Time and she also has a role in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. But getting this role would no doubt be a breakout role for her, something that the producers may be able to use to their advantage if she wins the role.

We’re still a month or so away from hearing anything official, but for now theist here actresses are names to watch as the cast stats to whittle is elf down to finalists.

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