Anthony Hopkins says He's Done Making Thor Movies for Marvel

This past weekend saw the North American release of Thor: The Dark World and the ending has a lot of people scratching their heads. We won’t spoil anything for you but while a third Thor movie is already in the works at Marvel, one major star from the films is hanging up his helmet and saying he’s done with the franchise.

Sir Anthony Hopkins, who plays Thor and Loki’s father Odin in the two Thor movies, recently spoke to MTV about the role he’s played — and you’d better get used to that past-tense tone because Hopkins is saying he’s done with the films.

The Oscar winning actor has already done two Thor films and he told MTV that three is not a charm and that he’s done enough movies for Marvel — at least for now. In the interview, which contains some pretty aggressive Thor: The Dark World spoilers, Hopkins seems to be at peace with the notion that Odin dies at the end of the film and really wasn’t hankering to somehow revive the character for a third film.

Is this superhero movie fatigue or is Hopkins just fatigued with a character he’s already played twice. Perhaps he isn’t cool with what happened to Odin in the film and is just giving up on the character. The actor isn’t a young man anymore and he really hasn’t ever been since he broke in with American audiences back in the early 90s with Silence of the Lambs.

It was an interesting choice to cast Hopkins in a superhero film, and now that he’s done two of them, we probably shouldn’t beg him for a third if his heart isn’t in it anymore.

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