Assassins Creed Release Date Delayed Until August 2015


Today saw some massive shuffling around but the folks at 20th Century who have uprooted an entire slate of films and moved around their release dates in 2015. so far, nothing was cancelled or pushed out of the year but some major titles have been shifted around and their release dates have changed.

We detailed that the Fantastic Four reboot was one of the films moving from the late winter to the mid-summer and another major title, Assassins Creed has also moved.

20th Century Fox has announced that Assassins Creed‘s release date has ben changed to August 7, 2015, meaning it will be batting clean-up in the bust summer of 2015. The summer already has epic releases of Avengers: Age of UltronBatman vs. Superman and Jurassic Park 4 and now today added Fantastic Four to the mix.

Assassins Creed is a film many have been watching for a while, as historically video game adaptations are usually terrible pieces of garbage that no one cares about. But having Michael Fassbender attached in the lead role is enticing, but hopefully not deceptive in the end.

We will have to wait until August 7, 2015 to find out though, and fans everywhere will have to continue to count the days.


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