Lost, Buffy vet Drew Goddard in talks to write Daredevil for Marvel-Netflix

Drew Goddard, a veteran of both Lost and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is currently in negotiations to pen Daredevil for Marvel/Netflix according to The Wrap.

It’s far from official but it looks like a great possibility of happening. Goddard wrote the screenplay for World War Z as well as co-wrote the script for The Cabin in the Woods with Joss Whedon.

According to The Wrap, it sounds as if selecting Goddard to write the series is an A+ hire since he’s very familiar. Marvel found the right project and it seems Goddard will be the man for the job.

Goddard is a self-professed “Daredevil” buff whose interest in the character is well known. “You’re talking to a guy who had quotes from Daredevil painted on his wall while growing up,” Goddard told Collider earlier this year. “Even when I was 18, I still had the blood red door with the, ‘I have shown him that a man without hope is a man without fear.’ That was what I loved and so it’s the sort of thing that if we can find the right project, I would love to do it.”

In addition to Daredevil, three other characters (Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist) will all join up in The Defenders miniseries following a 13-episode run for each character.

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