The Shining Retold As an 8-Bit Video Game (Video)


It’s been over thirty years since legendary director Stanley Kubrick gave the world perhaps the greatest horror movie ever in The Shining. Not only has it gone down as a horror classic, but it’s often times not even regarded as a horror film because no one wants to taint the amazing canvas that Kubrick painted on.

But the film has inspired generations of creative minds, from filmmakers to authors and even video game artists, and we saw an example of the latter in a hilarious and brilliantly put together 8-bit video game retelling of the 1980 classic.

The video was analyzed by the folks over at Dangerous Minds who say the game looks to be taking frames from the LucasArts game Maniac Mansion which in itself sounds like a rip-off of The Shining.

But there’s a lot of new material here that wasn’t in that game and even if it was, you’d never be able to tell from the excellent editing job done to tie things together. This little 8-bit homage to The Shining goes to show not only how classic the movie truly is among today’s generation but it goes to show the broad brush strokes of inspiration have stemmed from Stanley Kubrick even thirty years after he released a film.

[H/T: Dangerous Minds]

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