FX Acquires TV Broadcast Rights for Thor 2, Gravity and Captain Phillips


One of the more overlooked aspects of the movie business is where the television rights for films go after they hit theaters. We all know about release dates and when Blu-Ray’s drop, but one thing that slips around us is where the television rights go when it comes time for movies to debut on various channels on cable.

There used to be a day and age when NBC, ABC and CBS all bid for the rights to show movies and those films largely came out of their own studio catalog. But with a slew of movie channels out there today, films rights are much more spread out and it’s basically anyone’s game.

Not counting premium channels that get first crack, like HBO, Showtime and Cinemax, there are a handful of cable networks that fight for movie rights and right now FX truly does have the movies. They’re slogan isn’t kidding around as the network has just made a deal to acquire the television rights to air Thor: The Dark WorldGravity and Captain Phillips.

The move is a a power move by the network which is currently growing it’s brand beyond just the single channel it’s made popular through original programming. Their signature movie show DVD on TV has become a staple on the channel and the network has expanded to two other channels which will benefit from airing this year’s blockbusters. FXM, the network’s movie dedicated channel and FXX, it’s comedy hub, will be able to use this new deal to draw in viewers and retain them.

FX knows what they’re doing and this latest deal is just further proving that they’re one of the best cable channels out there from top to bottom.

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