Temple Run Is Being Adapted Into a Movie by Warner Bros.


Temple Run is a game almost everyone who has a mobile device has played, so it’s pretty widely known that there’s really not much to the game. It’s addictive and it’s brought in a lot of money for its developer, but there’s no story and there’s really no depth to it.

But don’t tell that to Warner Bros. as THR is reporting that the studio is adapting the addictive app into a big screen movie — for what reason we do not know.

Well, we know the reason, the game is popular and everyone knows it. That, to the minds of studio execs, translates to an easy to market property that can sell tickets at the box office. But if you’re scratching your head over the fact that we’re going to see a two hour story crafted around a one-trick video game, you’re not alone.

Of course, there is something to the game, as it has an Indiana Jones type of element to it but if you’re getting a hankering for Indiana Jones while playing the game you can just go watch those movies. The game is being developed into a jungle trek starring an archeologist character who is being chased by demonic forces, which is an interesting idea to say the least. But there is already an adaptation of Uncharted floating around somewhere, which is a video game with much more depth and an equally invested audience, albeit no demonic forces.

So this whole Temple Run movie adaptation is something interesting to watch as there’s a lot of wiggle room to develop an interesting story, but plenty of opportunities to fall off a cliff or get beaten to death by flying monkeys or whatever the hell is following you in that game.

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