Andy Kaufman Is Still Dead, According to Report


One of the most famous and talented pranksters of all-time was none other than the legend Andy Kaufman, who helped pioneer avant-garde performance art that we could all appreciate. He was the godfather of trolling, but the man was so good at making crying wolf a career that to this day there are legions of fans who don’t think he’s actually dead and that he faked his death as his greatest prank ever.

This rumor of Kaufman not actually being dead took a modern twist yesterday when reports surfaced quoting the comedian’s brother that stated Kaufman was still alive and even had a family.

But today, Micheal Kaufman has come out to say he was misquoted and The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Andy Kaufman is as dead as he was back in 1984.

Everything about this had Kaufman fingerprints all over it, from the nervous twitching we saw in the video posted to TMZ that had Andy’s alleged daughter, to the way THR stated Michael was sounding frantic and winded on the phone with them this morning.

It’s all signature Kaufman and if nothing else, proves that while the legend may be dead his style and his soul lives on in those who surrounded themselves in the world he made uniquely his.

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