Batman vs. Superman: Jackie Earle Haley Auditioned For Mystery Role

With the rumor mill surrounding Batman vs. Superman attracting more attention than it ever has, presumably because some major casting news is on the verge of being revealed, fans can’t seem to get enough of the frenzy. Over the weekend, the rumor that Adam Driver was up for the part of Nightwing dominated social media and today came a report from El Mayimbe and Latino-Review that Oscar nominated actor Jackie Earle Haley had auditioned for an unidentified role in Batman vs. Superman but didn’t get the part.

This is a scoop that has a few different tangents to it. The first and most obvious was what was the part he auditioned for as it could have been a number of them. There’s Lex Luthor, who has been confirmed by Zack Snyder to be appearing in the film but there’s also the part of Commissioner Gordon that could be cast.

We have to continue to remind ourselves though that this is a Superman movie that features Batman, so all of the traditional Batman characters aren’t obligated to appear.

But another question this raises is why was Jackie Earle Haley passed over? He’s worked with Snyder before on Watchman and is an extremely talented actor, so why the rejection? This of course all leads back to the question of who the role was but just because he was passed over for this mystery role doesn’t mean that he’s out of the picture entirely for another.

Still, it’s something to chew on while we await solid casting news to come out. Haley may not be out of the film yet but we’re starting to get a firmer grip on the actors being pursued for the role or at the very least brought in to audition.

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