Daily Show Star John Oliver Getting Talk Show on HBO


He filled in this summer when The Daily Show host Jon Stewart was away shooting his directorial debut, and he did such a brilliant job that another network has given him a new full-time job. According to Variety, The Daily Show interim host and regular correspondent John Oliver’s rise to the top of the comedy game has led to him securing a talk show on HBO.

Oliver, who has gained a massive following thanks to his stand-up tours and his appearances on The Daily Show, is going to be the new host of a weekly talk show on HBO which will likely be in the style of Real Time with Bill Maher. HBO has had great success over the past decade with Maher and adding another politically savvy comedian to their talk show roster is a great move.

The new show, which doesn’t yet have a name, will be airing on Sunday nights on HBO which means Oliver will be appearing on one of the network’s busiest and most popular nights of television. It won’t start production until 2014 but when exactly in 2014 it debuts, we don’t know yet.

It’s likely though that the new show is timed around the season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones, which is expected back in late March. This would not only allow Oliver to dive into tie-ins with the popular show but he’d be able to get in last minute Olympic jokes while they’re still relatively fresh.

But Oliver’s deal with HBO means yet another star has been born out of the ranks of The Daily Show. Almost everyone knows Stephen Colbert — who won an Emmy award this year for his show — and many forget that Steve Carell got his break on The Daily Show as well.

Add Oliver’s name to that list as he’s earned his success and there’s likely plenty more to come.

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