Mission Impossible 5 Release Date Scheduled for Christmas 2015


A few months back we learned that Tom Cruise would be coming back for a fifth installment in the Mission Impossible franchise but today we learned when exactly that will happen. Paramount has announced that the new film, which will be directed by Jack Reacher helmer Christopher McQuirrie, will hit theaters on Christmas Day 2015.

This is an interesting strategy as while it’s going to hit theaters about two weeks after the much anticipated release of Star Wars Episode VII, the Tom Cruise film will be in direct holiday competition with J.J. Abrams and Disney. The strategy is based around the hope that the Star Wars Episode VII buzz has calmed a bit by Christmas, at least enough for the new release of Mission Impossible 5 to make some waves and a possible run at a No. 1 opening.

It’s a tall order, as even the bad Star Wars prequel films smashed things up at the box office and beat up their competition when they were released. But all previous Star Wars film have been released in mid-May while the latest picture will hit theaters in December.

Paramount isn’t banking on the film tanking, rather releasing Mission Impossible 5 on Christmas likely puts just enough distance between MI5 and Star Wars Episode VII so that Paramount doesn’t take a beating at the box office.

We will have to wait and see how well that strategy works but at the very least the jam packed year of cinema in 2015 is starting to take shape with release dates.

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