New England Patriots Star Rob Gronkowski to Appear in Entourage Movie

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When he’s not catching touchdown passes from Tom Brady (or dropping them in the Super Bowl), New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is living it up in Boston and being a party animal. That means the prerequisites for a role in the upcoming Entourage movie are already filled for the Pro Bowler and he’s ready to join the cast.

That seems to be the case, as according to TMZ, Gronkowski will be appearing in the Entourage movie that is expected to begin filming in early 2014.

We got word from Gronkowski’s theatrical manager Henry Penzi … the NE Patriots’ stud is going to be hugging it out with Jeremy PivenAdrian Grenier and the rest of the boys from “Entourage” in their upcoming feature film.

Now, TMZ makes it sound like Gronkowski is going to be a part of the main cast which likely won’t be the case. Assuming things don’t go completely wrong for the Patriots, they’ll be in the playoffs and possibly the Super Bowl when the Entourage film starts production. Not only is this an issue because he’s going to be playing in games but he’ll likely be doing so across the country from the Entourage production base.

Still, a glorified cameo is not likely to be a problem and given Gronk’s lavish lifestyle outside of the game of football, he’s not going to have to do much acting when he shows up on set for the film.

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