Star Wars Episode VII Rumors: Samuel L. Jackson Says No One Has Contact Him, Mark Hamill or Ewan McGregor

Last night on Letterman, actor Samuel L. Jackson dropped by to talk to Dave about a few different topics but one that came up almost out of the blue was a conversation about the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII and what Jackson’s connection to the film is at this point.

Jackson’s answer was pretty clear — there is no connection.

Letterman asked Jackson what he’d heard about the film and if J.J. Abrams had contacted him and the actor said he hadn’t been contacted but also dropped a few other significant names that haven’t yet been contacted either. Jackson stated that when he met up with Ewan McGregor in London earlier last month he asked him about Star Wars and the Obi-Wan actor stated he hadn’t been contacted either.

This sort of makes sense, considering both were prequel characters (with Obi-Wan crossing over into the original trilogy) and neither seem to have a place in the updated movies. The only exception could be Obi-Wan but despite a rumor this summer that McGregor was in talks for the film, Jackson’s story flies in the face of that.

But the biggest name Jackson dropped was one that will make Star Wars fans’ stomachs sink. Jackson states he’s working on a movie with Mark Hamill but it’s not Star Wars Episode VII and it might not ever be as Hamill told him he hadn’t been contacted either.

Given how desperate Jackson came off as sounding, it’s entirely likely that Hamill was just telling him no because he knew Jackson would talk about it and spoil something and he was right if that’s the case. So far it’s been heavily rumored that Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford will be reprising their roles in Star Wars Episode VII, but if what Hamill said to Jackson is true, we may have been getting mislead all summer long.

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